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SEG Fabric Free-Standing Lightboxes

Make your message clearly stand out with these vibrant backlit displays


    Our free-standing backlit systems consist of an aluminium extrusion frame kit, and a SEG tension fabric graphic. The frame is 100mm thick for the standard and 120mm thick for the premium, and comes with stabilising feet.

    The fabric graphic is printed using a dye-sublimation process onto 310gsm Backlit Polyester. This process gives the image great vibrancy and is finished with a silicone edging (kedar). The graphic is then slotted into the aluminium channel and tensioned around the edge.

    The result is a beautifully-finished, vibrant and seamless solution. Perfect for store all manner of applications including displays and exhibitions. Graphics are easily replaceable by existing ground staff, negating the need for skilled installers.

    Our Free-Standing SEG Fabric Lightboxes are double-sided and as such are provided with two graphics as standard. You can have the same message both sides or have two different promotional graphics.

    Differences between premium and standard are based around the lumens, quality and number of LEDs used. Free-Standing Lightboxes are edge-lit, which means the LED lights are located around the inside edge. Premium Lightboxes have lights along the long edges for better light quality. Premium Lightboxes can also be provided with a backlit board for larger displays but this is additional cost and does require some skilled installation. Lightboxes are supplies in sections and require some assembly with an allen key (provided).

    Lumens, quality and number of LEDs used are the main differences between the standard and premium models. The LED lights are located around the inside edge of the frame meaning they are edge-lit. Premium models have lights along the long edges for better light quality. Lightboxes are supplied in sections and require some assembly with the provided allen key.

    A nylon pull tab is fitted to each Lightbox graphic as standard. This aids easy removal of the graphic from the frame, which can be tricky otherwise. By default, this is affixed to an upper corner of the graphic to prevent children reaching it. Please let us know if you would prefer the pull tab to be located elsewhere or not supplied at all.

    Lighting anomalies can be highlighted with plain designs or large blocks of a single colour. It is therefore recommended to use busy, vibrant designs for best results.

    Premium Lightboxes can be requested at larger and/or bespoke sizes - please contact us for a quotation.

    What You Get

    • Aluminium frame in sections
    • Pre-installed LED lights to the inside of the frame
    • CE marked transformer and fitted UK plug
    • Approximately 3 meters cable length
    • Allen key
    • x2 Dye-sublimation printed graphics